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When I started this blog, I couldn’t find an eyewear blog that covered the things I am interested in.
Now there are people in the industry doing it way better than I ever did.

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I don’t think I will be posting here any longer, but I’m keeping the archives up.


Karen Walker Fantastique – Number One Critter

I’ve been itching to see close-ups of these sunglasses since I first saw a photo of them, floating on those balloons without a face, just hinting at how gorgeous they could be. Eyegoodies have just put them on sale! If you’re in New Zealand, you can buy them from Good As Gold.

They’re even better than I imagined! A bunny right over the bridge!



New Zealand fashion company Zambesi have been making wonderfully dark clothing since 1979. I often walk into their store and want everything, but the only Zambesi item I own is a dress that I’m told is from around 1986. They have just launched their first eyewear collection. It’s a collaboration with an optician and eyewear designer by the name of Joshua Matta.

Some pairs of the sunglasses have mismatched lenses: