There are plenty of online discount glasses stores now, but I’ve only used one, 39dollarglasses.com. Frames, complete with prescription lenses are available from $39USD. If you’ve always wanted a pair of prescription aviator sunglasses, but didn’t want to fork out for the lenses, this site is your place. You can even post them your own frames and they’ll put lenses in for you.

Get your eyes tested, ask for a copy of the prescription and then order online.

I’ve ordered from 39dollarglasses.com twice.

I bought these in 2005 and some prescription sunglasses with the same frames, but in black.

When I bought my next pair from my optometrist at the time, they said the prescription in the 39dollarglasses was correct and the lenses were fine. I was relieved!

Their range isn’t super-amazing, but there’s always at least a few decent frames to pick from.

Here are my favourite frames from their current range:

Novara, $59

Ferrere, $49

As far as cheap and cheerful glasses go at the moment, I’d really like to try GlassesDirect.co.uk, who I’ve blogged about before. They have a really colourful and cute range of frames at the moment, but don’t ship outside of the UK.