Karen Walker Eyewear – Master of Disguise

‘Hector’ from Karen Walker‘s 2008/09 collection, Master of Disguise.

One of my very favourite artists, M.I.A., was photographed wearing ‘TV Eyes’ (from the previous collection, newer version is ‘TV Eyes Two’), which are SO M.I.A. it hurts. The formidable Beth Ditto of The Gossip wore the ‘Hector’ pair at Glastonbury this year.

This is such a striking collection of sunglasses! You could even be tempted to have prescription lenses fitted in some, especially the ‘Xtra Ray Vision’, ‘Trixie’ and ‘Deep Freeze’ frames. The arms of the sunglasses feature a long metal arrow, which will be a familiar motif to fans of Walker’s ‘Runaway’ collections.

More of my picks from the collection below

Derby in tortoiseshell

Super Duper Strength in clear blue

Xtra Ray Vision in milky mint