Wayfarers Colorize

My optometrist told me I have the beginnings of sun damage to my eyes. I don’t wear contacts, so I have to get sunglasses fitted with prescription lenses. I couldn’t stand to wear anything boring, so of course I had to get ’50s diner bright turquoise Ray-Ban Wayfarers from the 2008 Colorize range. At the moment, Wayfarers seem to be the backlash to celebrities’ ubiquitous gigantic round anonymity-providers.

I was super-excited to discover that Ray-Ban had invited artist Tara McPherson to create a billboard to advertise the range. She illustrated women wearing the sunglasses while riding giant flying bunnies. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am OBSESSED with rabbits. This just cemented the fact that I NEEDED these glasses.
(Image of 3rd Ave NYC billboard from Tara McPherson’s Myspace)

In the height of summer, this is the kind of outfit I imagine wearing with them:

What I’d love to wear with my Wayfarers by eyeheartglasses