Sarah-Rose in pale rose

Sarah-Rose bought a pair of pink glasses from Glasses Direct – the same colour as the pair I wrote about in my first post.

“In her very very very first ever post she linked to these glasses and I (like Jo) fell hard for their perfect cotton candy pepto-bismol pink colour.
The oh-so-darling retro style was a little too too outrĂ© for my style but whilst doing my own ferreting came upon a pair that were not quite as … but still a sartorial risk for little old monochromatic (plus fuchsia!) me. I hated their name (Coco Loco. What the?) but oh, the pink! the pink!”

They’re as-sweet-as candy floss and she looks lovely!

I finally caved today and bought a pair of sunglasses and a pair of glasses from Glasses Direct. They won’t ship outside of the UK, so I’m having them sent to my best friend, who lives in Edinburgh. I won’t get to wear them until she visits New Zealand for Christmas. I promise to post photos then.

I ordered

Frankie as prescription sunglasses with brown graduated tint lenses


The whole order cost approximately NZ$172. If I’d bought two similar pairs with prescription lenses here in NZ, it would have cost me at least $600. I totally made out like a bandit!