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Photo by Piers Morgan

Piers of Lists and Diagrams just wrote about a wonderful glasses washing station he used in Japan.

I could do with something like this – I’m terrible at cleaning my glasses! I usually only give them a wipe with a microfibre cloth once a day after hours of accidentally sticking my greasy mitts all over them. I might rinse the lenses under a tap with some dishwashing liquid once a fortnight. It’s no wonder my lenses end up in a terrible condition after a year!

How do you clean your glasses?

There’s some good advice on WikiHow:

Rinse Method

  1. Rinse the lenses under warm running water.
  2. Wash them carefully with a mild soap (like dish soap) and warm water. If necessary, use a wet cotton or soft cloth to clean.
  3. Use the same circular motion for wiping off soap as you rinse the glasses under warm water.
  4. Dry the glasses gently with a soft cotton towel or chamois. If they are truly clean, almost all the water will rinse off and you will only need to dry the frames.
  5. …Read more

Edit: The lovely Halia, an optical dispenser, left this advice in a comment:

Warm water is fine but make sure it’s not hot! Heat damages anti-reflective coatings so it’s best to play it safe. I only ever rinse mine under cold water and then just dry with a plain tissue (no oily aloe vera types), no need to use soap if they’re just a little smudgey. Having said that, a good lens cleaning fluid wouldn’t go astray. Then use your microfibre cloth to polish them, wiping across the lens in one direction.

Everyone’s technique is different but it’s always sad when someone comes in with hazy lenses and it turns out they’ve been washing them under hot water or leaving them on the dashboard. I like to spread the word on the lenses behalf :P

That glasses washing station is a great idea! All that is is an ultrasonic cleaner which anyone can get, they’re often sold for cleaning jewellery.

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