street style

White blonde

Photo from The Sartorialist. The white blonde hair, scarf and Wayfarer style sunglasses are just perfect. Definitely channeling Andy Warhol, there.

Edit: Apparently this is set designer and illustrator Gary Card, who does stuff with Cassette Playa, who use so many bright colours, it makes my head asplode explode with joy!

Carri Munden from Cassette Playa also has some great glasses.

I got my very own white blonde hair today. I love my hairdresser! I’m also wearing my upside-down-ish Modo glasses. They have clear glittery arms and the inside of the frames has zebra print. When I don’t feel like talking to strangers, I make sure I wear a different pair because these glasses have started more conversations than anything I’ve ever worn! It usually begins with, “Umm, are you wearing your glasses upside-down?”

I’ve been meaning to take a proper photo of them for ages, so here you go.