Bits and pieces

  • Page Six collects photos of celebs having four-eyes moments, makes a creepy collage and then asks the awesome people at Silver Lining and Moscot why the celebs are wearing glasses. We already know the answer – glasses are cute. Duh. (via Refinery 29)
  • Redhead + tortoiseshell = win. From The Sartorialist
  • sartorialist

  • Silver Lining let Dee and Ricky try on their crazy vintage Silhouette sunglasses.
  • silverlining

  • Advanced Style spot this Italian man looking dapper.
  • advanced

  • Facehunter snaps this whilst hanging out at Paris Men’s Fashion Week.
  • facehunter

  • Glasses Direct posts about concept glasses. Kind of like concept cars and just as stationary.

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