Lunettes Allsorts

  • The new Mint Chicks video has mega-cute glasses action.

    THE MINT CHICKS – “I Cant Stop Being Foolish” from Samuel Peacocke.
  • Most people love Cheap Monday for their jeans, but I’m all about wearing their lovely soft men’s t-shirts. Now they make sunglasses and they’re only US$35!

    via Refinery 29. Available at Alter
  • I love this – Kanye West emailed a photo of himself wearing mirror shades reflecting the blog, Sea of Shoes to the editor of said site, to prove that he actually reads it!
    via Silver Lining


  • Paris Hilton launched a sunglasses collection at Vision Expo East last week. Yup. Unsurprisingly, I can find plenty of pictures of Paris at the launch, but none of the collection itself. Good work. It’s safe to assume that these and these are from the range. I don’t like ‘em. I have a soft spot for ol’ Paris, though.
  • Augmented reality video eyewear. So many possibilities. Exciting!

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