The consultation video is up!

Here’s the recorded consultation with Amy

I’ve edited it to cut out the parts where we were just typing to each other, because I didn’t archive the text chat. So if you hear Amy pulling one of my decisions seemingly out of thin air, it’s because I’ve typed it to her.

Amy sent through some information about a discount they’re very generously offering us:

Oscar and Fitch are currently offering Eye Heart Glasses readers a fantastic offer for their very own fabulous eyeglasses! For a limited time* you can claim your very pair of Oscar and Fitch glasses for only £85(GBP)** ($218(NZD), $125(USD), €96(EUR) – other currencies on request). That price includes frames, lenses and anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings, usually costing £125. Plus worldwide shipping is available!

With over 150 different frame styles to choose from, all in 3 to 10 different colours, Oscar and Fitch offer something for everyone. From subtle and stylish to statement and a little bit special, in lime greens and pillar box reds to midnight blues to plum purples.

The majority of Oscar and Fitch’s frames are available to view online but if you’ve spotted something from the consultation that doesn’t appear to be on the website, e-mail Amy at edinburgh AT oscarandfitch DOT com to find out what frame it was. Or if you have a particular frame in mind send an e-mail enquiring about what you’re looking for.

Once you find your perfect glasses e-mail the shop in Edinburgh at edinburgh AT oscarandfitch DOT com with “Eye Heart Glasses” as the subject and one of the stylists will run you through the process of ordering your brand new pair of glasses!

*Offer ends Spetember 2009
**Terms and conditions apply.”

Amy’s guide to picking glasses for your face shape:

Oval Faces
An oval face has a slightly narrower jaw than forehead. On an oval face the jaw will also taper nicely into the chin.
Oval faces tend to suit most shapes of glasses so go crazy! The only thing to be aware of is making sure the glasses are in proportion with the widest part of the face.
Recommended styles: 2009, 2040 and 2052.

Square Faces
A square face has a strong jaw line with the same width face at the cheek bones and temples.
Square faces will benefit from a rounder style of glasses as these will help to soften off the shape of the face. Glasses with cut out legs will also add an uplift that will length the face.
Recommended styles: 1998, 2005 and 2026.

Heart-shaped Faces
A heart-shaped face is defined by wide cheekbones that taper down into a petite chin.
Heart-shaped faces will suit glasses with a thinner frames and smaller lenses as they will balance out the lower half of the face. Heart-shaped faces are also complimented by half frames as they show off the cheekbones.
Recommended styles: 2027, 2028 and 2050.

Round Faces
A round face is defined by the fullness of the cheeks and a rounded chin. Often with petite features.
A round face will be complimented by angular frames as they’ll add a bit of structure to the face, particulary in darker colours as they to help minimise fullness.
Recommended styles: 2006, 2064 and 2074.

Oblong Faces
A oblong face is long and slender with a narrow chin or high forehead.
Oblong faces particulary suit glasses with a deeper lens as they add width and proportion to the face. These can also help downplay longer noses which can occur on an oblong face.
Recommended styles: 1995, 2032 and 2079.

When choosing your glasses go for a complimenting colour (eg. pale skined should avoid black as it can appear too heavy, blue eyes tend to suit blue glasses, etc.) and if only going for one pair of glasses go for something quite neutral that isn’t going to restrict your clothing choices.

But overall go for a pair of glasses you like. These might not necessarily be the best for your face shape or colouring but as long as you like them and feel comfortable wearing them they’re the right pair of glasses for you.