My SelectSpecs order


You know how I wrote about that SelectSpecs sale last month? Well, a couple of weeks ago, my order arrived, but I’ve been terribly slack (also known as busy with a brand new job and classes after work) and not posted about them until now.

I really like how they look and I can see just fine while wearing them. Unless you examined them really closely or held them in your hands, you’d never be able to tell that the quality of the frames, as you’d expect for $7US, is not the best. The plastic feels very light and not like my other acetate glasses. But again, for $7US complete with prescription lenses, it makes it very difficult to complain. I approve!

The wonderful Fishie bought a pair and she also approves. I think the exact phrase was, “LOVELOVELOVE”.

The sale is still on, so you can go get buyin’ if you need a back-up pair and were waiting for some approval.

P.S. This is post #100! Glee!