street style

Davon and Erica


Davon in Cazal 856

Davon, 19 and Erica, 20, live in Baltimore. They’ve been together for a year and collect vintage frames.


Erica in Gucci

Davon emailed me last week with a link to his Flickr, loaded with photos of their impressive collection. I asked them to tell me a bit more about themselves:

“I started collecting in college after a friend had given me a pair of
vintage Porsche Design 5623 frames. Erica began collecting after I
purchased her a pair of Cazals as an early birthday gift.” – Davon


Davon in Cazal 634

“A good pair for me is how people respond. If people have to
stop or take a double look. That means the pair you have on is a show
stopper.” – Erica

Favourite frames of all time?

“It’s a tie between the Cazal 163 & 905!” – Davon
“Cazal 852” – Erica

See the rest here. I look forward to watching their collection grow!