New Graz (for Monster Children)


Another stunning pair of sunglasses to lust after, designed by one Mr. Graz Mulcahy. These are in association with Monster Children


Pedestrian.TV have just posted an interview with Graz:

Describe the design and product development process – how do you go from original idea to finished product? Where does your design inspiration come from?
First an idea; then a sketch. From that sketch it then goes into the computer. I develop a shape and then apply the appropriate measurements. Because my frames are made by hand they have to be cut from a sheet. So I do a front, top and side view with the specifications and then prepare the data for the factory. My inspiration comes from just about everything I do; everything is linked. How I feel, the work I do, the people who buy my designs – it’s all in the same system.
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The other week, I got to try on a couple of pairs of Graz’s sunglasses at Superette in Auckland. They’re definitely on the ever-growing wishlist. …And Good as Gold in Wellington has the pair that’s at the top of that list.

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