Cheaper glasses



It’s becoming so easy to find cheap prescription glasses. This used to be something that I thought was just confined to the web, but it looks like it’s starting to creep into the brick-and-mortar side of things, too:

Lisa Katayama – TOKYOMANGO writes:

“Last time I was in Tokyo, I spent a couple hundred bucks on a really nice pair of glasses at a boutique shop in Harajuku. A few months later, my puppy Malcolm chewed them to bits — to be exact, he cracked one of the lenses and gnawed on the earhooks. So when I came back to Tokyo this time, I went back to the store to see if they could either fix them or order me another pair. But the store was gone. “That store went out of business,” a neighborhood cop told me. “They couldn’t compete, the rent was too high and they weren’t making enough money.”

You know what I think happened? Zoff happened. I’m not sure exactly when the first Zoff glasses store was launched, but on my last few trips back I have noticed that they are now everywhere. ”

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While it’s convenient for people to buy cute but inexpensive eyewear, it’s sad to read that the small boutique went out of business.

Despite being a budget brand, the Zoff site has a great street style section. I haven’t been able to determine whether it’s posed or scouted, but it almost doesn’t matter. I really want to go to Japan.


From Zoff

Do you have stores offering similar deals in the country you live in?
UK chain SpecSavers are now in New Zealand and have a continuous ‘two pairs for $199′ kind of deal. Eyewear giant Luxottica (who own OPSM in NZ and Australia) have started to roll out their Budget Eyewear chain here, too.

On the web side of things, late last year, SelectSpecs sent me a couple of $8US pairs of glasses of my choosing for free, which was really kind of them. I’ve bought a couple of pairs from them in the past, too.

Anyway, one of the pairs they sent, Sinola by Savannah, I wear at least once a week. They’re a great shape that go with a lot of the darker clothes in my wardrobe.

I was recently caught wearing them at a wedding:

And the other pair, Aloe by Savannah, I haven’t worn once, apart from trying them on.
I don’t think the dark red suits me: