Keep ya head up

Norman Jayden in Heavy Rain

SXSW is on at the moment and one of the panels was What If Your Phone Had Five Senses? Phil from Nokia attended and reported on Nokia’s official blog:

“If augmented reality is the future, wouldn’t mobile technology in glasses make sense? One of the SXSW panelists said, “Eyewear is the next mobile form factor”. Instead of keeping your head down to look at a device, it will always be up. Instead of a small screen, you’ll have the highest resolution possible. Instead of a photograph of your environment, you’ll see an overlay of metadata. And no more worries about the sun glare on your screen.”

I can’t wait until I can get a Head-up display (HUD) in my glasses lenses.

On the same topic, my partner recently played Heavy Rain and I watched with interest, because one of the characters has a pair of augmented reality glasses. These are referred to in the game as an ARI (Added Reality Interface) and the character uses it to help with his investigations and analyse evidence. Check out this video:

Heavy Rain ARI (Added Reality Interface)
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