New glasses – Barton Perreira ‘Desiree’ and Cazal 312


Patty Perreira, designer for Barton Perreira, is one of the sweetest people I’ve “met” through this blog. She recently left a lovely comment on one of my oldest posts, so I emailed her to say thank you. Next thing I know, a package arrives with ‘Desiree’, a beautiful classic pair of Barton Perreira frames. The package was accompanied by a lovely note in pink ink with plenty of XOXes. Total sweetheart, for real. Thank you so much for the lovely gift, Patty!


I’ve been hunting Cazal 312 frames on eBay and vintage stores since Chris from Great Vintage Sunglasses posted this picture last October. I finally found a deadstock unworn pair earlier this year! They arrived in February and I had my prescription put in at the same time as ‘Desiree’.


I love them both! As my optician said to me, “Some people are all about shoes, but you’ve got glasses.”