Fuseproject’s ‘See better to learn better’

“See Better to Learn Better” is a free glasses programme for kids that is run by Yves Béhar/fuseproject in partnership with the Mexican government.

Fuseproject are famous for designing the One Laptop Per Child XO, which is introducing computers to kids in developing countries. Now they’ve taken a similar approach to distributing eyewear.

This is so clever!

“Similar to the OLPC philosophy, we wanted to design products that are suited to the children’s specific needs, life and environment. The children receiving these glasses need frames that are durable, ergonomic and have key customization elements like shape and color that make wearing the glasses fun and personal.

Currently, the percentage of children in need of lenses at or above .75 correction, and can be as high as 60-70% in some schools in states like Morellos, Sonora and Chiappas. The average classroom need percentage is 11%. Additionally, the wearing of glasses is looked at as a handicap, this social stigma adds to the resistance to correct the problem.

To solve all of these challenges, we designed two part frames that are fully customizable with top and bottom colors that can be mixed and matched to fit all children’s personal choices. The innovative interchangeable nose pads let children with more petite noses wear the glasses comfortably. Through the use of the two part construction, 7 colors, 5 shapes and 3 sizes, these glasses can be swapped and adjusted in the field in order to update prescriptions.

At every school, we encourage students to create their very own pair of glasses with their favorite styles, size and color combinations. All this can be done through the special options catalogue, a fun and interactive way for kids to first encounter and chose their glasses.

The glasses are designed to be worn beyond the classrooms utilizing materials, advanced Gilamid plastic, with its hyper-flexible property, making them practically indestructible. Some fun in the soccer field? no problem.” From fuseproject’s site

The colourful modular nature of these glasses must make it so much more fun for the kids. I love it!

(via PSFK)