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L_A_N Magazine

This is from a spread in the first issue of L_A_N Magazine.

“L_A_N is a publication for the Fashionable Futurist with an interest in the world of tomorrow, today.

The magazine features innovative design, technology, silhouettes, new environs and dimensions that are provocative, strange and inspiring.”

In the second issue, we are promised an article on “The bionic contact lens that will enable one to view computer graphic displays that can be worn in the eye.”

“Issue 2 showcases an online culture of digital artists and art practitioners creating work that inspires others through the use of technology, craft and their own visions of pop futurism.”

The magazine is completely free of advertising, so is using Kickstarter to raise funds for printing. If you pledge $25US you can get a copy of issue 2 sent to you “anywhere in the known universe”.

The editor, Veronica So, is also in the band, TEETH. Love this song:

[via Gucci Goth]